Are People Telling Gigi Hadid Not To Marry Zayn Malik?

Do people tell Gigi Hadid not to marry Zayn Malik? This is the question people are asking themselves now that Life & Style has addressed the question in their next magazine on May 25, 2020. Gigi and Zayn have a long history of dating, but after reconciling in September 2019, the couple has now announced he is expecting his first child. Reports indicate that Gigi Hadid is five months pregnant and expecting a baby girl, indicating that she conceived soon after the couple’s reunion. Zayn self-isolated with Gigi and family on their Pennsylvania ranch and reports say everyone is getting along – that’s why it’s surprising that Life & Style cites a source suggesting people are warning Gigi not to marry Zayn.Are People Telling Gigi Hadid Not To Marry Zayn Malik?

The source said that Gigi’s sister Bella Hadid and her mother Yolanda Hadid say things are moving too fast and have had problems in the past. Meanwhile, the source says Gigi is on the new cloud and couldn’t be happier.

“Gigi told her loved ones that she couldn’t be happier with the pregnancy. She says her relationship with Zayn is stronger than it has ever been. ”

While the source told the store that Zayn and Gigi were happy, the source also explained why others were warning Gigi to take his time. The source continued.